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                  The Credit Rating Result for Chinese Labour Service Companies in 2017

                  Release time:2018-01-30 Source:承包商會

                  Authorized by the Chinese government, the Enterprise Credit Assessment for Chinese international contractors and labor service companies is carried out by China International Contractors Association (CHINCA) with the support of professional credit rating institutions. Ever since 2008, hundreds of companies have been evaluated on the voluntary basis and granted the grades of AAA, AA, A and BBB.  So far, the credit assessment result has been widely accepted and applied by government departments, financial institutions and business partners both at home and abroad. Some diplomats from Embassies of Asian and African countries in China value the credit assessment result and encourage the companies from their countries to cooperate with CHINCA’ members who enjoys a higher rating grade in the credit assessment. The relevant government departments in China also take credit rating grade as an important condition for granting preferential incentives. The certificate of credit assessment has grown to be an important proof of qualification and capacity of CHINCA’s members.


                  The Credit Rating Result for Chinese Labour Service Companies in 2017.xlsx