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                  Notice of CHINCA on Soliciting Public Opinions on Guide on Social Responsibility for Chinese International Contractors

                  Release time:2021-08-17 Source:承包商會

                  All entities and experts concerned,

                  To help Chinese international contractors improve social responsibility performance and advocate high-quality and sustainable development, CHINCA has decided to update and revise the Guide on Social Responsibility for Chinese International Contractors (2010) (hereinafter referred to as “the Guide”) based on the current social responsibility practices of Chinese international contractors, with a reference to prevailing domestic and international social responsibility policies, regulations and standards.

                  CHINCA has finished the draft for soliciting opinions on the Guide 2021 (see Attachment) after basic literature research, stakeholder interviews, and expert seminars, etc. In accordance with ISEAL’s standard revision procedure, to ensure the scientific nature, applicability and feasibility of the “Guide 2021”, we are now soliciting opinions from the public. Please insert comments in the word text and send it back to our contact person by email before August 30, 2021.

                  Contact: YANG Fei, Strategy and Consulting Department

                  Tel: 010-81130092,

                  Email: yangfei@chinca.org

                   Thank you for years of support!

                   Attachment: Draft for Soliciting Opinions on the Guide 2021